Stratpharma StrataMed 20g


After you undergo a dermatological procedure, you might need a topical ointment to heal the areas of your skin where the procedure was performed. As a leading topical gel, Stratpharma StrataMed quickly dries into a thin and elastic protective gel that remains in constant contact with open wounds throughout the day. Before you go to sleep at night, all you have to do is apply a little bit of the protective gel to enjoy complete and continuous protection until the time comes the next evening for a new application.

The hydrating gel transforms dry, wrinkly skin into radiant skin that gives you plenty of self-confidence to tackle tough days. You enjoy less time on your back and more time doing the things you love, as StrataMed does not stick to the base of the open wound or on the freshly created granulating skin tissue.

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Polysiloxanes,​ siloxane resin