Stratpharma StrataMed 5g


After you undergo cosmetic surgery, you need a gel to help your skin rebound into spectacular shape. Dermatological surgeries get to the root of skin problems, while highly rated gels like Stratpharma StrataMed create the perfect environment for decreasing and eventually eliminating inflammatory responses to laser treatments and cosmetic surgeries. StrataMed is bacteriostatic, which means the gel prevents bacteria and chemicals from infecting open surgical wounds.

After receiving laser treatment or undergoing cosmetic surgery, you want to minimize your downtime and get back to work. StrataMed produces the perfect recuperative environment for your skin that allows you to make the seamless transition from patient to employee of the month. The best part is that you do not need to use much of the gel to cover the wounds caused by cosmetic surgery. Apply an amount equal to the size of the end of a Q-tip and marvel at how this transparent gel quickly goes to work.

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Polysiloxanes,​ siloxane resin