Stratpharma StrataMed 50g


Your laser treatment sessions have ended, and now you are looking forward to a radiant complexion that your friends and family members immediately recognize. However, you have one critically important skin care step remaining—you must apply Stratpharma StrataMed on the areas of the skin recovering from treatment.

The gel covers every scar caused by cosmetic surgery, but the thin substance does not stick to the skin, which means you can apply a widespread coat in the morning and wash it off at night when you shower or bathe. StrataMed is ready to use right after dermatological procedures such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, tattoo removal, and laser treatments. You can enjoy instant relief from redness, discoloration, minor pain, and itching. The gel works just as well for patients who undergo invasive surgeries to heal bites, burns, and chronic wounds.

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Polysiloxanes,​ siloxane resin