Stratpharma StrataMed 10g


Dermabrasion, tattoo removal, chemical peels, and skin laser treatments can leave behind one or more superficial wounds. When you complete a skin care treatment program, you will most likely need the complementary application of a gel to prevent bacteria from infecting the open wound. Do not settle for inferior gels when you can protect your skin and increase the speed of the healing process with Stratpharma StrataMed.

The non-sticky, transparent healing gel starts working the instant you apply a thin, widespread coat over the wound. StrataMed delivers superior protection for a complete 24 hours by hydrating skin. The gel does not “stick” to the recovering skin layer or the newly developed granulating tissue located just beneath the skin. The StrataMed gel has received considerable praise for its superior safety profile that focuses on preventing bacterial infections.

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Polysiloxanes,​ siloxane resin