Stratpharma StrataDerm 5g


Scars left behind by successful laser treatment, and other types of dermatological procedures require constant monitoring to ensure a healthy healing process. Stratpharma StrataDerm accomplishes the goal of softening and flattening scars, as well as alleviating the mild discomfort caused by superficial wounds. This transparent gel represents the optimal treatment for both new and old scars. With StrataDerm, you enjoy the same scar maintenance success on a scar left behind by a recent laser treatment as you do for an old wound you now want to heal.

Use StrataDerm on all areas of the skin, including sensitive areas near the lips and under the nostrils. Its gentle formula ensures that you never feel the cringe-worthy, stinging pain that accompanies several other brands of skin care ointments. Reduced redness and the disappearance of discolored age spots are additional benefits of applying the gel. The hydrating solution is waterproof to offer all-day protection.

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Polydimethylsiloxanes,​ Siloxanes,​ Alkymethyl Siloxanes