Stratpharma StrataCel 20g


As a transparent gel that never sticks or clings to the skin, StrataCel represents an improved way to repair superficially damaged layers of skin. The gel gently bonds to the skin and acts as a complementary product to other skin revitalization technologies, such as laser treatments and cosmetic surgery. With just a small application amount, this easily spread gel can provide maximum coverage over a large area of skin, and quickly washes off when needed.

By creating new links for bonding elastin and collagen, the Stratpharma StrataCel gel works well on sensitive skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. Its gentle formula allows you to apply the gel to sensitive lips and nostrils without worry about stinging sensations. Manufacturers of this high-impact gel suggest that users work with a thin layer that distributes the substance evenly over the area receiving treatment.

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Polydimethylsiloxanes,​ siloxanes,​ alkylmethyl silicones