Stratpharma StrataCel 10g


Have thick, sticky skin care gels worn out their welcome inside of your bathroom medicine cabinet? Unlike many skin care gels, Stratpharma StrataCel attaches to the weakest skin layer without leaving a sticky surface that requires several applications of a damp towel to remove.

Self-drying and transparent, StrataCel works hard after laser treatments and/or cosmetic surgery to ensure damaged skin has plenty of time to revitalize a vibrant appearance. This skin care gel smooths wrinkles and fine lines to return your skin to a more youthful look.

Specifically formulated to follow laser treatments on highly sensitive skin, the easy-to-remove gel stimulates the development of new elastin and collagen. Unlike other types of skin care products, you can apply StrataCel on the lips and nostrils and not cringe because of the stinging sensation left behind. Make sure to spread a thin coat of the effective gel over a wide area of the body to enjoy the best results.

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Polydimethylsiloxanes,​ siloxanes,​ alkylmethyl silicones