Skinbetter® Science Ret Treatment


As one of the most effective retinoid options for skin care patients, Skinbetter® Science Alpha Ret lives up to its name by containing a higher percentage of glycolic acid. Additional glycolic acid means you can enjoy faster and more comprehensive facial skin improvement. Applied overnight, this cream includes powerful AlphaRet, a proprietary retinoid that combines with glycolic acid to achieve immediate positive results.

This cream works on wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines to rejuvenate facial skin for years to come. Your key to facial skin enhancement involves applying the richly textured cream on a nightly basis for a few weeks at first, gradually reducing the frequency of applications over time. Antioxidants prevent the cellular damage caused by free radicals, while an array of vitamins ensure glowing facial skin that befits your beautiful smile. As an additional benefit, this revolutionary cream does not leave an oily residue that may irritate facial skin.

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Weight 1 oz