Restorsea® Pro Revitalizing Scalp Spray


Did you know that we come into the world sporting more than 100,000 hair follicles? Unfortunately, by the time we celebrate our 70th birthday, that number of hair follicles dwindles to fewer than 70,000. Follicles die when the minute openings become clogged. Powerful Restorsea™ Revitalizing Scalp Spray removes the dead skin that collects around your hair follicle openings. With more room to grow, healthy follicles return to transform your hair into its most vibrant condition in years.

Our proprietary ingredient Aquabeautine XL® ensures that you enjoy a healthier scalp that produces a thicker set of hair, letting you shine at work and corporate social events. Patented for promoting hair retention, the scalp spray begins to return positive results about 12 weeks after initial use of the hair restoration formula. You can expect to shed less hair and retain longer hair for years to come. Restorsea™ Revitalizing Scalp Spray works on users of all ages who still have plenty of follicles to grow thick hair.

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