Restorsea™ Pro Intensive Treatment


When paired with Restorsea™ Rebalancing Lotion, Restorsea™ Intensive Treatment 10x is one of the most effective treatments for the removal of unpleasant or unsightly brown spots. Preferred by patients who have rosacea or overly sensitive skin, this age spot treatment is much more effective than glycolic acid in restoring skin to its former radiant appearance. This safe and non-irritant substitute for retinols remains potent for hours after the treatment is first applied.

The presence of squalane prevents moisture loss, along with brown algae, vitamin C, and Aquabeautine XL® performing the cleaning duty. Squalane also helps restore the skin to its original flexible state, which is an important benefit for patients who experience frequent dry skin symptoms caused by living in an arid climate. Smooth shea butter soothes slight cracks in the skin to keep you pain-free. Shea butter also reduces skin irritation and the redness caused by damaged skin cells.

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Weight 1 oz