Restorsea™ Pro Foaming Cleanser


Many skin products are better known for the chemicals used to preserve gels and ointments than for the effectiveness of their treatments for wrinkles, fine lines, and scars left over from surgery. Restorsea™ Pro Foaming Cleanser features a chemical-free formula that is known for lightening and brightening discolored skin. As a sulfate-free formula, you can enjoy a purely natural cleanser that gets to work right away.

This versatile cleanser contains skin-healthy vitamin C and proprietary Aquabeautine XL®, as well as an exotic songyi mushroom extract that delivers the benefits of a lighter and brighter complexion. Use the cleanser on the face and body to perform a thorough skin cleansing after laser treatments. We remind our customers that Restorsea™ Pro represents an active enzyme that is highly sensitive to heat. As such, you will receive the most benefits by storing the cleanser in a dry, cool location.

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Weight 6.7 oz