Alpheon® Eyelash Serum


Statistics demonstrate the powerful effects of Alpheon® Eyelash Serum. 80 percent of patients witnessed a significant improvement in the appearance of their eyelashes after just eight weeks. About 75 percent of users confirmed that their eyelashes grew longer and thicker. Why do the numbers matter? Long, thick eyelashes not only enhance your appearance, but the strands of hair attached to the eyelids also prevent minute debris from entering the eyes. When you lose too many eyelashes, you lose control over the safety of your eyes.

Lost or thinning eyelashes represent an obvious sign of aging. To combat this, Alpheon® Eyelash Serum is bolstered by biotin and peptides to stimulate eyelash growth. Both ingredients prevent eyelashes from drying out and losing the volume required to help you look good and repel dust particles. Pumpkin extract, which is full of fatty acids and important minerals, nourishes eyelashes with essential nutrients.

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